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Today was about crows

First a whole flock a-squawking

With one bull frog keeping the beat

Then a lone fellow on a barren tree

Silhouetted by the snow-capped

Olympic Mountains across the Puget Sound

Beauty spoke

And Beauty called my name

I stopped and watched

Then later the message came

Alone and barren of soul at times

With impossible seas and mountains to cross

Yet, I have wings

I can fly

I am not unprepared for this journey

Still, no rushing these things

Study the contours of the wind and waves

Measure the height of the mountains

Search for the probable passes

Wonder at the depths of the sea

Take off when I am ready

Or not

Stay awhile longer

In the cozy, comfortable clan

Of squawking kin.


© 2013 Julie Clark

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Lenten Post #3


My amazing daughter and her wonderful husband came from Omaha for a quick visit this weekend.  They had a wedding to be a part of in Bellingham.  We were delighted!  It was another chance to be with them.  We happily picked them up at the airport and drove them where they needed to go.  We were even invited to the wedding because my daughter has always been a great sharer of her friends.  When they left in the wee hours of Sunday morning, they thanked us for everything.  It was like thanking my lungs for breathing or my hands for feeding me.  Of course!   I love you!  I love being with you!


This was over-laid in my mind with our scripture reading and sermon topic for the second Sunday of Lent.  John 13 where Jesus washed His disciples feet.  “What you will never wash my feet!”  Peter impulsively shouts out.  Jesus loved his disciples to the full extent.  God loves the world to the full extent.  Washing his disciples feet was not so hard for Jesus because he loved them.  A greater and much harder sacrifice lay just ahead.  Even though he agonized over it more than we can imagine in the garden, love won and Jesus picked up his cross and headed for the hill.  “For the joy set before him he endured the cross.”  We are his joy.

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The Voice from Heaven

The voice

For us

Evidence of God

For all to hear

Some think it thundered

Others say an angel spoke

Am I missing it

Dismissing it

Because it’s not what I want

Am I confused



Because I haven’t been listening

Caught up in my life

My ideas

Of who and what

I want

My Messiah


To be

© 2013 Julie Clark


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The Eye of the Needle

How can I get through this,

Seemingly impossible situation?

The eye of the needle

Becomes the way of the cross

Stripped down

Bare essentials:


Following the light

At the end of the tunnel.

© 2013 Julie Clark

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A Pair of Eagles

I could have missed it all,

But as I walked by

I glanced between the boats in the harbor.

There, on the jetty, a pair of bald eagles.

I watched them watching for a while.

Were they planning some mischief?

I walked away.

Moments later,

The sky erupts with the clatter of crows and gulls,

Even a blue heron joins the fray.

All swirling above

With the pair of eagles swooping and soaring

In the midst of it all.

I was lost in joy –

A full-scale extravaganza

Just for me,

And the other walkers

Who happened to glance up.


What do I miss when my head is down?

Consumed in thoughts of self or worry

I miss the present.

When regretting the past

Or jumping ahead to the future

Opportunities soar and swoop

Right past my vision.





Alive and alert

Words I know

Words I need to keep practicing.

© 2013 Julie Clark



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For Bill

The sun came out today

Such a rare occurrence of late

When we heard it kiss the Sound

We rushed out and made a date


Over the hill and down

To our favorite looking place

Calming our nerves at the sight

Feeling sweet warmth on our face


The grand Olympic tops

Through the clouds were sailing

An eagle soaring high

The work of the day paling


©2013 Julie Clark


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