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At Deer Harbor

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Harbor grey

as the sky

Fog wisping off

the far islands


holding their color

Apple trees

across the road

ahead of the rest

with their joie de vivre

In full bloom

reminding us

this is the way to live

giving it all, everyday

not worrying about


provision of fruit

on it’s way

On the ferry

a bald eagle

showed us how to fish

from the shore

Made it look easy

with those wings

those eyes

Grateful to live near enough

to these island jewels

Summer time

they are full of

roaming tourists

from afar and

Orcas cruise the channels

Off season

has it own secrets

Quiet strength

building up

preparing for the

Glorious spring show.

© 2016 Julie Clark

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A Pair of Eagles

I could have missed it all,

But as I walked by

I glanced between the boats in the harbor.

There, on the jetty, a pair of bald eagles.

I watched them watching for a while.

Were they planning some mischief?

I walked away.

Moments later,

The sky erupts with the clatter of crows and gulls,

Even a blue heron joins the fray.

All swirling above

With the pair of eagles swooping and soaring

In the midst of it all.

I was lost in joy –

A full-scale extravaganza

Just for me,

And the other walkers

Who happened to glance up.


What do I miss when my head is down?

Consumed in thoughts of self or worry

I miss the present.

When regretting the past

Or jumping ahead to the future

Opportunities soar and swoop

Right past my vision.





Alive and alert

Words I know

Words I need to keep practicing.

© 2013 Julie Clark



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