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The Journey


The Journey

Is longer than I thought

It would be

(I was only 17

when I became aware

of it

And the glorious end

Was coming soon

or so we thought)

Harder and darker

Than advertised

(I read the manual later

And saw the red fine print

Of suffering)


After several years

I used up everything

Forgetting to stop

And refill at times


Truly if you had not

Again and again

Lifted me up from the mud

Onto the wings of the

Waiting eagle

I would still be there


You are faithful

And your love

Is the constant

of my life

Though I cannot

Always see or

Feel it


Trust is my part

Faith, hope, and love

Not abstract nouns

To feel or believe

But actions

I need to continue

To practice


© 2018 Julie Clark


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Remember Me (Communion Song)

Sunset After the Rain

This is my body – broken for you

I gave it freely – for you

Remember Me

This my blood – poured out for you

I gave it freely – for you

Remember Me

As the Father sent me – so send I you

As I laid down my life – lay yours down too

Remember Me

Freely you have received – freely give

I am Emanuel – always with you

On your journey towards Home

Remember Me

In your struggle to make sense – In your struggle to make peace

Remember the poor, the sick, the imprisoned

In all that you do – in the work I have given you

Remember Me

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Come in

I am so glad to see you

Make yourself at home

Taste a bit of heaven

Earth traveler

Here is some food

Some conversation

To strengthen your soul

And lighten your heart

Rest for the next stage

Of your journey

Here is a quiet place

To hear the whispers

Of God’s love


© 2013 Julie Clark


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A Long Walk

I am in the middle

Of a long walk

With God

A journey

A pilgrimage

From those ahead

I receive these assurances

“Yes, it gets

Sweeter and sweeter

His face

Becomes clearer

His love

Thickens the air”

I have already


That thickened air

And I give those same


Back down the path

Behind me

A few warnings as well

Watch that curve

Slow down and rest

I have crashed right there

And stay clear of that

Mud hole

I was stuck there for a while

Don’t give up

It’s worth the climb

Green pastures

And still waters up here

The view is spectacular

The air is sweet

© 2013 Julie Clark

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Today was about crows

First a whole flock a-squawking

With one bull frog keeping the beat

Then a lone fellow on a barren tree

Silhouetted by the snow-capped

Olympic Mountains across the Puget Sound

Beauty spoke

And Beauty called my name

I stopped and watched

Then later the message came

Alone and barren of soul at times

With impossible seas and mountains to cross

Yet, I have wings

I can fly

I am not unprepared for this journey

Still, no rushing these things

Study the contours of the wind and waves

Measure the height of the mountains

Search for the probable passes

Wonder at the depths of the sea

Take off when I am ready

Or not

Stay awhile longer

In the cozy, comfortable clan

Of squawking kin.


© 2013 Julie Clark

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Awake My Soul

Awake my soul to this new day

Don’t miss the adventure of your journey

There are connections of beauty and color

Weaving and waiting to be made

Keep my eyes open

My spirit listening

I won’t ignore the nudge or the whisper

Directing my path

To see the glory in another

To listen and to learn

To give the gift I have been given

And receive the one offered to me

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I am the traveler

On a journey

You are the gate

To the path, the way

That leads to life

You are the light

That shines in the dark

Illuminating my way

You are my strength

When the road is steep

And my hope grows dim

You are my shade

When the sun bears down

You are the song

The birds are singing

To cheer my heart

When it becomes heavy

My companion

When I need to talk


When I lose my way

You are the strong love

That keeps fear away

When wild things

Rage and roar

The sword that flashes

When danger nears

You are the fresh water

In the stream

When I grow thirsty

You are my home

At last

That I am forever

Longing for.

© 2012 Julie Clark

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Journey to India Journal


When two rivers converge into one we all know how turbulent that place of convergence is.  Well, we experienced that in a small degree this morning when we tried to check-in at the United desk in Seattle.  Apparently Continental Airline and United have united recently.   We had a gracious employee who took us on as her special project.  She had to abandon her post of herding the masses to the screens to begin their check-in.  It only took about half an hour to sort us out.   Our eticket itinerary told us we were changing flights in Chicago but she told us that was so yesterday and today we were going to go through Washington DC instead.  That was all good, we even had an extra two hours in the airport.  It would have been nice to know all this before hand, we possibly could have had gotten up at 5 instead of 3! (An extra 2 hours of sleep!)  Oh well, we made up for it and found some of those airport chairs in the Alaska section that don’t have arm rests.  We stretched out and took a little catnap.  Semi refreshed, we got our coffees and whipped out our almond butter sandwiches for breakfast.  There was another interesting bit getting on the plane.  Instead of the normal 4ish boarding groups there were 8!  The kept welcoming all the preferred passengers, gold elite members and beautiful people.  They were all of course 1 – 4ers.  We on the other hand had the number 8.  That meant when it was time for us to board we had to check-in our hand carry on’s with wheels because there was no more room in the cabins above.  We quick switched our leather shoes for our Teva’ s in anticipation for the hot/muggy air of Pune.  Grabbed everything else out of those bags that we thought we would need or at least feel secure in having on our person, (i.e. books) and boarded our plane.  All this adventure and it wasn’t even 8:00!


Three airplane rides, several catnaps, walks through the airports and some interesting conversations we arrived happily in Pune to be greeted by our eldest son and daughter-in-law!

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