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Musings of a Mother



Musings of a Mother (Revised for Advent 2015)


He’s a puzzle, a mystery, a riddle

This person I know so well yet not at all

I only see a part not the whole

I can’t get inside his head or his heart

I don’t know why he does this or that

Says it that way instead of this way

He could avoid a lot of conflict

if he said things a little differently

or not at all


I admit I am perplexed and mystified

I even wonder at times if his mind is overloaded

Some what imbalanced

He always has so many people

clamoring about him

he doesn’t take care of himself

What’s a mother to do?


Yet, he is the one the angel

called me to bear

The one we have been waiting for

I know

I said yes, and I did what I was asked

I was not ashamed

I knew where he came from


But what kind of deliverer will he be?

How is he going to save us from our enemies?

He says we should love them!

He is so gentle and kind

This babe I once wrapped in rags

Where were the angels when I wreathed in pain

like every other woman?

I heard later they were off singing to some shepherds

sending them to us

They worshipped him and

mentioned peace on earth

I wish I could have heard the angels sing


The angels did come again

Just in time to warn us to get out of Bethlehem

before Harod’s treachery

A terrorist slaughter of babes

Then we were refugees in Egypt

until the angels came again to send us back to Israel


Those were somewhat ordinary times

under the heel of Rome in Nazareth

We lost our precious Joseph in those years

broke our hearts

We made it somehow

until the day cousin John by the river

pointed to the Lamb of God


I will continue my daily watch

Pack up and move with him

as any mother would

He is so weary and spent

He may need me again

Before this day is through



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Lenten Post # 7

I find myself

Hacking my way through a jungle

I cannot see clearly

But my heart compass is set north

Deep calling to deep

All of a sudden

Breaking free

Onto a well-worn


Sprinkled with Saint and Angel dust

I am not alone after all

© 2013 Julie Clark

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The Voice from Heaven

The voice

For us

Evidence of God

For all to hear

Some think it thundered

Others say an angel spoke

Am I missing it

Dismissing it

Because it’s not what I want

Am I confused



Because I haven’t been listening

Caught up in my life

My ideas

Of who and what

I want

My Messiah


To be

© 2013 Julie Clark


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Part Time Angel

Have you ever been in a real fix?

Once traveling in China with three kids and way too many suitcases

We could not get our things to the train on time

Just impossible

All of a sudden a man comes up and says

“Here let me help you!”

And he did

And we got on our train

And then we wondered

Where did he come from?


I love it when I get to be someone’s angel

This morning a dad and his young son

Out looking for breakfast

No one opens for breakfast around here until nine

I gave them some extra yogurt and bananas

The boy gave me a big smile

Sometimes we get real angels

When we are in dire straights

And there is no one else close enough to pull in for the job

Or listening to that little nudge inside

I know I saw one once

He even was playing a flute to prove it

© 2011 Julie Clark

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