A Pair of Eagles

I could have missed it all,

But as I walked by

I glanced between the boats in the harbor.

There, on the jetty, a pair of bald eagles.

I watched them watching for a while.

Were they planning some mischief?

I walked away.

Moments later,

The sky erupts with the clatter of crows and gulls,

Even a blue heron joins the fray.

All swirling above

With the pair of eagles swooping and soaring

In the midst of it all.

I was lost in joy –

A full-scale extravaganza

Just for me,

And the other walkers

Who happened to glance up.


What do I miss when my head is down?

Consumed in thoughts of self or worry

I miss the present.

When regretting the past

Or jumping ahead to the future

Opportunities soar and swoop

Right past my vision.





Alive and alert

Words I know

Words I need to keep practicing.

© 2013 Julie Clark



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