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Troubled Sky


Woke up to an empty house

Troubles in this world

troubling my soul

Down by the water

should cheer me up

I’m searching for those messages

Flowers planted along Sunset Drive

Some still holding summer’s smile

others faded and shrivelled

I wish the eagles would come and chase away

my melancholy

Container ship passing by

What will it take to wean us from some of our comforts

so that others would be less poor?

Just giving up a cup of coffee causes major

upheaval in my head and heart

A tree is cut down

apparently because the roots are pulling up the sidewalk

Why don’t they just move the sidewalk?

They do in India

Inconvenient, yes, but spares the life of a tree

What is life worth to us anyways?

I feel we are mixed up about that question

I remember a wise man once said

“one’s life does not consist

in the abundance of his possessions”

He was warning us about greed

It’s a time in history again

where we need to be inconvenienced

stretched and changed

It is a time to value life and protect it

Desperate refugees

Unborn children


Our very planet

What will we do?

Will we listen to the voices of the wise

or close our ears and hearts

and hope it will all go away?

Oh, it will all go away

Quickly if we don’t do something

about our destructive ways

Life is fragile

delicate as

a butterfly’s wings

yet resilient

able to heal and restore

Let’s not push things beyond

the limit here

We still have time

© 2015 Julie Clark

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India Journal, March 14, 2012

First the birds began chirping, singing and calling, then a gust of wind blew through the streets rattling the trees and papers in the road, next a haunting call to prayer from the neighborhood mosque – all this to greet the dawn in Pune.  I normally would be missing this morning concert, not the early rising type, but for my old friend “jet lag” waking me in time to hear it. These wide-awake, pre-dawn hours have a message for me to hear. Now a dog is joining the chorus with a lonely howl.

Last evening I went to the doctors with my daughter-in-law.  Her blood pressure is up.  The doctor is somewhat concerned and wants the baby born before Friday when she has her next appointment.  Asking for your prayers and a great peace to fill the air around her.

My son is quite the pro, navigating these streets in his little Santro.  He weaves in and out of the myriad of cars, motorbikes, pedestrians, push carts, motorized rik- shaws, and occasional cows like he was born for it. On the other hand I find it daunting just crossing the street.  There is no stopping the flow. Only in the wee hours like when we first arrived. One must, with great courage, look for the break in traffic and enter in weaving, stopping, and starting until you cross the 20 feet to the other side. It’s kind of like a dance, or maybe more like a bullfight.

The doctor’s office is on a very busy corner near the main shopping area: MG road. There is a narrow stairway leading to the 2nd floor balcony, again very narrow.  I can imagine two pregnant ladies meeting in this hall and one having to back up into a doorway to let the other pass. A small door appears and there is a tiny waiting room with four plastic chairs.  No receptionist, or billing department, just another foggy glass door to the Doctors office/examining room.  I have complete confidence in her.  She is a veteran and knows her stuff. Her equipment is ancient, but adequate for the task.  I delightedly hear the swish-swish of my grandson’s heartbeat. I am gratefully reminded of another doctor’s office back in Whittier, California. The office was quite different, but I had another master doctor from Chennai who helped bring my son into the world 28 years ago.

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Journey to India Journal


When two rivers converge into one we all know how turbulent that place of convergence is.  Well, we experienced that in a small degree this morning when we tried to check-in at the United desk in Seattle.  Apparently Continental Airline and United have united recently.   We had a gracious employee who took us on as her special project.  She had to abandon her post of herding the masses to the screens to begin their check-in.  It only took about half an hour to sort us out.   Our eticket itinerary told us we were changing flights in Chicago but she told us that was so yesterday and today we were going to go through Washington DC instead.  That was all good, we even had an extra two hours in the airport.  It would have been nice to know all this before hand, we possibly could have had gotten up at 5 instead of 3! (An extra 2 hours of sleep!)  Oh well, we made up for it and found some of those airport chairs in the Alaska section that don’t have arm rests.  We stretched out and took a little catnap.  Semi refreshed, we got our coffees and whipped out our almond butter sandwiches for breakfast.  There was another interesting bit getting on the plane.  Instead of the normal 4ish boarding groups there were 8!  The kept welcoming all the preferred passengers, gold elite members and beautiful people.  They were all of course 1 – 4ers.  We on the other hand had the number 8.  That meant when it was time for us to board we had to check-in our hand carry on’s with wheels because there was no more room in the cabins above.  We quick switched our leather shoes for our Teva’ s in anticipation for the hot/muggy air of Pune.  Grabbed everything else out of those bags that we thought we would need or at least feel secure in having on our person, (i.e. books) and boarded our plane.  All this adventure and it wasn’t even 8:00!


Three airplane rides, several catnaps, walks through the airports and some interesting conversations we arrived happily in Pune to be greeted by our eldest son and daughter-in-law!

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