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The world is on fire again

The world is on fire again

(Mercy for those near the flames)

The earth erupts and heaves its crust

(Mercy for those near the faults)

The oppressed revolt

Powers struggle

Who will be on top?

Who will be on the bottom?

Who will gain?

Who will lose?

(Mercy for those caught in the struggle)

The surface of the earth changes

Mountains fall into the sea

The seas rise with the melting ice caps

(Mercy for us all)

History moves on

One thing remains

Mercy is constant

© 2011 Julie Clark

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There are times

When what is required

Is a love so strong

So stout and unshakable

That it is beyond what my heart is able

This is where my heart

First needs to be the sponge

To soak up from the Source

All the love directed to me

And this is a great and eternal love


Then and only then

Am I able

With my expanded heart

To reach across

The glass shard broken relationship

In desperate need of this healing force

© 2011 Julie Clark

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Part Time Angel

Have you ever been in a real fix?

Once traveling in China with three kids and way too many suitcases

We could not get our things to the train on time

Just impossible

All of a sudden a man comes up and says

“Here let me help you!”

And he did

And we got on our train

And then we wondered

Where did he come from?


I love it when I get to be someone’s angel

This morning a dad and his young son

Out looking for breakfast

No one opens for breakfast around here until nine

I gave them some extra yogurt and bananas

The boy gave me a big smile

Sometimes we get real angels

When we are in dire straights

And there is no one else close enough to pull in for the job

Or listening to that little nudge inside

I know I saw one once

He even was playing a flute to prove it

© 2011 Julie Clark

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