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Pass Out Hope

Pass out hope

With a smile

Lend a hand

Watch it grow

Kindness is language

Of the heart

Words we speak

Looks we give

All together

Send a message

May they say:

“You are loved

Worthy of attention

Something in you

Is of great value

Lift your head

Come alive

See the smile

In God’s eyes”


© 2013 Julie Clark

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My Front Door

There is a world out there waiting

An adventure ready to unfold

When I step out my front door

It’s uncomfortable at times

I don’t know my neighbor

I don’t’ know how to ride a bus

Or start a conversation

But once I take that first step

Say that hello

Make eye contact


The journey has begun

The question moves from

Who is my neighbor? To

Am I a good neighbor?

What if we each do our small part?

What if we stepped around fear?

What would we find?

Perhaps a new friend

Or some way I can make a difference

A new purpose to keep me going

Put a new spring in my step

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Part Time Angel

Have you ever been in a real fix?

Once traveling in China with three kids and way too many suitcases

We could not get our things to the train on time

Just impossible

All of a sudden a man comes up and says

“Here let me help you!”

And he did

And we got on our train

And then we wondered

Where did he come from?


I love it when I get to be someone’s angel

This morning a dad and his young son

Out looking for breakfast

No one opens for breakfast around here until nine

I gave them some extra yogurt and bananas

The boy gave me a big smile

Sometimes we get real angels

When we are in dire straights

And there is no one else close enough to pull in for the job

Or listening to that little nudge inside

I know I saw one once

He even was playing a flute to prove it

© 2011 Julie Clark

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