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Not through the edict of a king or prince

Not through the strength of a warrior or general

But through the womb of a woman

The earth shook and changed for ever


She was humble, young and gentle

Yet given the power to carry

The Light of the World

Fragile as glass, at it’s first flickering


She simply said yes

And submitted to the Greater Power

The Blessed Will that desired

Peace on earth, good will toward all


Life was born

Conquered evil, brokenness and death

Once and for all

Through the womb of a woman


© 2014 Julie Clark

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The Space Between

In the space between

My need –

My prayer

And His provision

There is an opportunity

For communion

With the Man of Sorrows

The Son of Man

Who had nowhere to call home

On this earth


I can enter the Sacred Garden

And stay awake for a while

With Him

While He bears my pain

And works unseen

His answer to my need

I will be changed

Deeply marked

With the fellowship of

His suffering


© 2013 Julie Clark



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