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Lifting our eyes

Welcoming the Blues

Lifting our eyes, just in time to see the eagle soaring towards us and then turning away.

Silently above us, searching for fish.

It caught one down the beach and began to break it’s fast.

How many times have I only caught a glimpse?

How many times have I missed it all, head down, worrying some problem in my mind, not present to the moment?

Yet, the eagle is there, as are all the other messengers, whether I see them or not.

But, what joy, when I am expectantly scanning and searching for those messages sent my way.

Today it was an eagle and a seal and an extremely low tide.

It was meeting Michael from DC with his two young boys who reminded me of my grandsons.

It was Debra with her hairless dog making us laugh.

It was Munira, fighting cancer, out for some fresh sea air. We blessed her and prayed for her healing. She said God sent you to me today – the first day of Ramadan.

It was connecting with strangers who become friends, building community in our neighborhood.

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All There

It was all there

down at the beach today

we were hushed and in awe

at the glory in the rain

and in the sun

glory in the forest

and in the sea

glory in the fresh air

filling our lungs

in the wind

sweeping by

glory in the bright blue sky

and the deep dark clouds

glory in the walking

glory in the heron

chased into flight

by a pair of labs

glory in our pup

running back and forth

and glory

in the bald eagle

swooping near


© 2014 Julie Clark


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The Incident of a Duck and a Dachshund

IMG_2245 IMG_2247

Usually our 10 pound Dachshund is pretty obedient.  That is if he perceives we are close enough to grab him.  If he is more than five feet away all bets are off on his obedience.  He reckons if we can’t grab him, he is a free agent.  It was kind of like that today.  Although we had not noticed him slipping silently away when we were looking out across the Puget Sound.


It was such a beautiful, freakishly summer-like spring day in the Northwest.  We had walked along the beach towards the pier.  The tide was coming in but there was still plenty of time to get back to the part of the beach that does not disappear when the tide comes in.  The part we were standing on would slowly get smaller and smaller and the water would eventually come all the way up to the rocky embankment.


When we did notice that Archie was not right beside us, it was too late.  He was already madly swimming after a Mama duck. We, of course, called and whistled but he completely ignored us.  Pure instinct had taken over. All loyalty to his Master and Mistress thrown to the wind with the scent of that duck in his nostrils. The mama duck swam back a little closer to the shore to be joined by her six chicks.  They kept up a steady chatter of cheeps as they swam after her. Now Archie was chasing her and her 6 chicks.  She took him deeper and deeper.  He didn’t think twice about the frigid temperatures of the Puget Sound or the angry fowl he was chasing.  She kept zigging and zagging and taking him deeper and deeper.  Finally she flew over his head flapping and took him in the opposite direction of her chicks.  They must have had a brief pow-wow.  Something like:  “OK duckies, I’m going to distract this crazy dog and you guys swim that way and I will swim this way.”  It worked for a while but Mama couldn’t ignore her chicks bleating cheeps for too long, so she swam back across Archie to make sure they were OK.


By this time Bill was taking his shirt off, emptying his pockets and heading out to the shore across from where this drama was being played out.  All the while, I was praying that Mama duck would lead Archie a little closer to the shore so Bill could grab him.  She eventually did start coming close to shore and Bill jumped into the frigid waters.  He swam close enough to Archie to almost grab him.  Archie finally came to his senses and let Bill separate him from his prey. The two of them came back to shore.  Rescue completed.  I am sure that Mama Duck would thank us if she could, or maybe not.  Maybe she would scold us for our poor obedience training. We hurried back along the ever disappearing shoreline picking our way through the rocks in time to get to the non-disappearing part of the beach. When we came home Archie, planted himself in his favorite chair and slept the rest of the afternoon away.


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The Beach Park

We have been back in the area for over four years now.  We have a regular walk at a beach park nearby.  It’s so close, just a 5 minute drive from our house down a steep hill and along the shore until we arrive outside the park in the neighborhood of houses overlooking the Puget Sound.  There’s a small parking area in the neighborhood that most people don’t know about and a side entrance to the park that only the handicapped with their vehicles can enter with a special code.  We just park down the road and hike into the side entrance.  The main entrance and parking lot are a way up the hill.  You park there and hike a mile down to the beach.  Then a mile back to your car.  That entrance is much farther from our house but we sometimes hike up to that parking lot and then treat ourselves with the beach at the end. Depending on how much time we have.  There is a lovely family that live in the park in a tiny little two-story cabin.  They have lived there for a long time.  They are the Ranger family. Just up the road beyond the side entrance are large expensive homes, but theirs is the best.  They only have to walk through the meadow onto a path under the train tracks to the beach.  It’s a wonderful beach ever-changing with the tides.  Eagles and Herons are common sights.  Sometimes we see seals.  Just heard a pod of orca whales were across the way. You never know what you are  going to see so the best thing to do is keep your eyes open and pay attention.  Today, we were especially noticing again the huge stumps of old growth forest. I can’t get enough of them.  No longer living but giving life to the trees that have rooted on top of them. We were curious and wondered if there were any living old growth trees in the Park hidden away somewhere. So we asked the Ranger when we saw him. He said no,  but told us where we could find some not too far away.  Now we are going to hunt for those trees. There is something about standing near one of those giants that have been living on the earth for hundreds of years. It kind of puts things into perspective. He also told us the Chum are running up the creek.  We did not see any today but will keep our eyes open for the next time. The creek is lined with red alders, some firs, the old growth cedar stumps and I don’t know what else. The Ranger was describing how he enjoys smoking the salmon he buys or catches.  We laughed together at what we heard about the Lewis and Clark expedition.  When they got to the Northwest they got so tired of Salmon that they traded with the Tribes from the area for dogs so they could have red meat.  I can’t imagine ever getting tired of Salmon and I have never knowingly eaten dog! As we were leaving the park he told us to wait a minute while he went into his house. He came back with a pack of smoked salmon for us!  What a treat.  We came home and had it for lunch with a salad and cheese and crackers.  We feel like the luckiest people sometimes.  So many amazing people and places.  The world is a treasure.


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