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Is there room in my heart

For the ones excluded, tossed out, forbidden to enter?

Can I scoot over

Just a bit, move my junk

So another can lie down and rest

For awhile

Until it is safe again to venture out?

It’s a stretch

I like my privacy

My quiet my space

I’m tired and weary

But they more so.


So here I am

Trying to live the life

I believe in

Yet, struggling to do so

Something in me

Just wants to be left alone

To be quiet

To have some space

To get well and strong again.

But there are too many

Who have far less

Peace than I

Who need something

That I have plenty of.

Can I just share and be glad

Because I know it is all worth the while

To give away my extra

To another

Somehow it multiplies

And I end up with more

Than I had to start with

With joy beaming on top

Like a shiny red

Cherry smiling

From a hot fudge


© 2012 Julie Clark

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Pieces of God


Hidden in all the earth

Until we see them

And wonder how we had

Missed the evidence

Of their existence


Am I one?

With His DNA

Hidden like a diamond

To be discovered

In my heart?

© 2012 Julie Clark


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I am the traveler

On a journey

You are the gate

To the path, the way

That leads to life

You are the light

That shines in the dark

Illuminating my way

You are my strength

When the road is steep

And my hope grows dim

You are my shade

When the sun bears down

You are the song

The birds are singing

To cheer my heart

When it becomes heavy

My companion

When I need to talk


When I lose my way

You are the strong love

That keeps fear away

When wild things

Rage and roar

The sword that flashes

When danger nears

You are the fresh water

In the stream

When I grow thirsty

You are my home

At last

That I am forever

Longing for.

© 2012 Julie Clark

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Boulder River

Boulder River went unwilling

Into this present age of bondage

Where death and decay reign.

What would it have been like

Before knowledge was chosen over love?


It is so beautiful now

With the dense foliage on either side,

The waterfalls cascading

Down the sheer cliffs.


Would the water have been

The purest of pure

Able to quench the thirst

Of man and beast?

Perhaps the intensity of color

Would have blinded the eyes of mortals.

The wild things

Instead of hiding

Would come out to greet us.

The bird song so sweet

We would have wept and laughed together.


I know the sign at the trailhead

Would not be there

Warning the hikers

Of the dangers of the wilderness.


© 2012 Julie Clark

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Through the Cracks

There are just times

When beauty is not in full display

But only to be seen when hunted for

Showing through the cracks


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