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Taking This with Me

I cannot see it

But I am taking it with me

It travels well

Lasts forever

I’m hanging onto hope

Not letting it go

Even though

Hope stealers

Stand on every corner

In my mind

“Just give up!”

“You’ll never make it.”

“Life is too hard.”


I am not listening

Pushing past


I have done this before

And I know

Life and Light

Are just beyond

The corner of my pain

Hope packs well

Into my heart

Fits snuggly next to

Faith and Love

© 2012 Julie Clark

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Taking These with Me

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Pressure all around

Chaos in the air

I don’t know which way is up

Which is down

It must be time for change


Now to see this dark

In the light

That is my challenge

That is my goal

To cooperate

With the forces at work

To change me more into

The person I long to be

The one I was breathed to be

So much is out of my control

Yet so much is in my power

To say yes

And let go

To watch this fire

Burn all that is not gold


© 2012 Julie Clark



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In the dark

I lay awake


For the sounds

I cannot hear during the day

They are muffled out by machines

And words, barking dogs and my own thoughts

Before I sleep I want to hear the trains

Hugging the coastline

And the ferry’s foghorn

Blasting it’s warning as it comes

Up to the dock.

The trains are busy tonight

But try as I may

I am overcome by sleep

Before I hear the forlorn call

From the ferry.

Maybe I will hear it

In my dreams.


©2012 Julie Clark

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