Grateful Reflections

In the wee hours tomorrow morning we will begin our journey home.  I am tired but happy.  Two months away, from where I now call home, is good for this 54 year old, mom and new grandmother.  I’ve been stretched a bit, which is always a good cure for fossilization.

My overwhelming feeling is gratefulness.  I am grateful to have been near when my grandson was born and help his parents in the first three weeks of his sweet life. I am grateful that there is still work for me to do here in these Asian lands where I have spent two thirds of my adulthood.  To see life and growth in those I have invested has brought much joy to my heart. I am grateful to continue to work with and walk along side my partner and husband of 33 years.

The dramatic Central Asian spring bursting in color and freshness contributes to my feelings of hope.  Truly life is at work in our world. Seeds push through the ground after awhile and life is renewed.  The natural world mirrors the spiritual world.  The Kingdom of God intersects with our lives on planet earth and life continues to burst forth.  It takes some perspective combined with time to see it happen.  For time and perspective I am also grateful.

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