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I am just now able to get on my blog.  WordPress is blocked here in this Asian Country.  A friend of mine told me how to get around the block.  At first I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.  Was there something wrong with my Internet, or a glitch at WordPress?  Then my host told me:

“You can’t get on WordPress.  The government has blocked it.”

I was shocked. “Really? Why?” I asked.

“Because someone from the opposition party is using it.”


The government has blocked all of our WordPress blogs because someone from the opposition party uses it.  Crazy.  My little blog searching for beauty and messages in everyday life got swept up in this censorship.  My voice is silenced with countless others.  I know it is just a little thing, and I finally have found the way around it, but I had a little taste of what it is like to be silenced.  It didn’t feel good.  It made me mad.  Then it made me think of how many voices have been silenced. Images of heavy boots crushing wild flowers beneath them come to mind.  As the army passes, most of the flowers slowly spring back to life. Not all, some are too delicate and their stems are broken. The sound of traffic drowns out and silences the bird song. Yet, in the early morning before people start moving we are awakened to the chorus.


What is beautiful, what is good, what is lovely and sweet will endure.  It will lift up it’s head again and be seen and heard.  The voices that cannot yet be heard need others to step in for them, until they can find the strength to sing again. There are many who need this kind of advocacy. Who will be their voice?

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Good Friday

Bread of heaven

Coming down from the Father

Giving life to the world

I take this bread

I believe in the One sent

To feed the world

The life it so desperately needs


Being gluten intolerant

It’s wise to switch from this earthly bread

Which makes me sick

I can’t digest it

No life in it for me

Maybe we are all gluten intolerant

When it comes to


Bread of Life

For whatever we fill our hunger with

It will kill us in the end

Instead of nourishing us

And bringing

Life forevermore


© 2012 Julie Clark

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Nervous in Pune


Only three things have been making me nervous here in Pune: the traffic, the dogs, and my son’s pressure cooker.  My son has told me that the dogs, all though mangy, are fine.


“It’s live and let live here mom, don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.”

“Ok son, but what about this one that keeps jumping on me that is supposed to be guarding your apartment?”


“Oh, he’s just friendly, give him a knee and he will stop.”


I guess he got the message with my knee once so he has stopped jumping on me.  So the dog nerves are subsiding.  The traffic?  I find it best on my nerves to close my eyes from the back seat and think of flowing rivers.  Of course praying mostly under my breath helps too:  “mumble, mumble, mumble, GOD HAVE MERCY! Mumble, mumble, mumble, LORD HELP US ALL! Mumble, mumble, mumble.”  I think those nerves are subsiding as well, except I had a relapse last night when he was trying to use his CELL PHONE while zigging and zagging.  Admittedly, I haven’t seen any accidents just a lot of weaving, stopping and starting.  Also a whole lot of horn honking. Perhaps what looks like near misses to me are just the normal ebbs and flows of traffic around here?


There are reasons I have never owned a pressure cooker.  I think my mom had a run in with one and never would have one in the house.  I know it is great for getting tough meat nice and tender, and cooking rice or beans really quick. It’s just that little bit of letting off steam that really gets me unexpectedly.  My son calls those whistles.  It would be nice if it would actually whistle a gentle tune, not that sudden high-pitched, nerve wrecking screech. My usual response after the initial jolt is to head for the kitchen door and wait for the “whistle” to subside. I am getting more used to it now since I made a nice dhal all on my own the other day.


My darling grandson is gaining weight and getting settled into his baby routines.  His Mama is healing well.  We just heard our visas for Kazakhstan are on their way.  We may even make our original flight on Sunday.



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Photos of the Day

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