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When the Church Became a Building

When the church became a building

She forgot her founder’s call

She chose instead brick and mortar

to build herself a wall


The doors she built

Locked some out, others in

Proclaimed who was holy

And who was still in sin


She lit the candles

Said it was time to pray

Blew out the lights

Now time to go away


She is made of salt and light

Her stones, they are alive

You cannot keep her in a box

If she is to going to thrive


Her glory is far greater

Than four walls can hold

She is to be a city

Shining bright as gold


She is to be a healer

For weary, lost, and sore

A comfort to the broken

And oh so much more


When the church became a building

She made a room for strife

When outsiders didn’t fit her mold

She crushed their heart and life


Church you are not a building

You’re Christ’s body and His bride

You’re His hands, feet, and heartbeat

The love He cannot hide


© 2013 Julie Clark

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Make him known to me

This one I cannot see

It is only in reflections

Of his heart and face

That I can catch the beauty

Of his truth and grace

Make him known to me

Show me the father’s house

I hear the orphan is welcomed there

I have lost my way

All I see are bars and gates

Which keep away the stray

Make him known to me

You, given charge of

Salt and light

People of the book

Show me how he loves

Show me how he looks.

© 2012 Julie Clark

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