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Garden Distractions

(Found this poem on my computer from last year)

I’m trying to get some work done

Only to be interrupted by 

Bunny rabbits in my yard

First a little brown wild one

Then a big fat white one

Looks like it was someone’s pet

Then as I try to set up my computer

Song sparrows in the front yard and 

Spotted Towhees in the back

How am I to get any work done today? 

My yard is in sore need of attention

I managed to convince my 9 year old grandson

Mowing the lawn would be fun.

With a push mower of course

It was fun until he got distracted with something else 

So I took over and finished it up

His little brother helped me pull some

Grass out of the flower bed

I’ve all but given up on planting

Any vegetables anymore

My yard is too damp and shady

Not enough sunlight gets through

The slugs and perhaps rabbits

Managed to chew enough of everything

Last time I planted vegetables

There wasn’t anything much left over

And tomatoes never ripen – ever

Even in my windows. 

The only things that survived 

Were the herbs

I’ll stick with them

and the flowers for now

Especially the hardy types

Oh and the sweet, tiny

Strawberries as well.

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Bird Calls

The birds call to me

In many different ways 

Distracting me with 

A flash of color

Wings spread for soaring

Or fluttering from tree to tree

A caw or a quack

Or the Golden Crowned Kinglet’s

High pitched chirp

They are so tiny

How did I miss them before

I was too busy

Going here and there

I forgot to pay attention

© 2021 Julie Clark

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Bird Lessons

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On the wet grass

On the roof tops

In the air

Plenty of worms

For all

In this rich soil

On this fertile hill

No scarcity mentality

Just take what you need

For you and your family

Leave the rest

For the other birds

Residents and guest

Passing through

No need for hoarding

Or commodifying

These tasty treats

Oh that we would

Study the birds

And the fields 

And the trees

Like our ancestors

Like Jesus

Learn a new way

An ancient way

Leading to 

The path of life

The eagles on Sunday

Circling the waters

Taking turns

Diving for the fish

Over and over

Repeating the pattern

Again and again

The message is clear


Don’t give up.

© 2020 Julie Clark

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India Journal, March 14, 2012

First the birds began chirping, singing and calling, then a gust of wind blew through the streets rattling the trees and papers in the road, next a haunting call to prayer from the neighborhood mosque – all this to greet the dawn in Pune.  I normally would be missing this morning concert, not the early rising type, but for my old friend “jet lag” waking me in time to hear it. These wide-awake, pre-dawn hours have a message for me to hear. Now a dog is joining the chorus with a lonely howl.

Last evening I went to the doctors with my daughter-in-law.  Her blood pressure is up.  The doctor is somewhat concerned and wants the baby born before Friday when she has her next appointment.  Asking for your prayers and a great peace to fill the air around her.

My son is quite the pro, navigating these streets in his little Santro.  He weaves in and out of the myriad of cars, motorbikes, pedestrians, push carts, motorized rik- shaws, and occasional cows like he was born for it. On the other hand I find it daunting just crossing the street.  There is no stopping the flow. Only in the wee hours like when we first arrived. One must, with great courage, look for the break in traffic and enter in weaving, stopping, and starting until you cross the 20 feet to the other side. It’s kind of like a dance, or maybe more like a bullfight.

The doctor’s office is on a very busy corner near the main shopping area: MG road. There is a narrow stairway leading to the 2nd floor balcony, again very narrow.  I can imagine two pregnant ladies meeting in this hall and one having to back up into a doorway to let the other pass. A small door appears and there is a tiny waiting room with four plastic chairs.  No receptionist, or billing department, just another foggy glass door to the Doctors office/examining room.  I have complete confidence in her.  She is a veteran and knows her stuff. Her equipment is ancient, but adequate for the task.  I delightedly hear the swish-swish of my grandson’s heartbeat. I am gratefully reminded of another doctor’s office back in Whittier, California. The office was quite different, but I had another master doctor from Chennai who helped bring my son into the world 28 years ago.

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