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Welcome Spring


Welcome Spring

Once again renew our hearts

With hope we cannot otherwise find

Unless you bloom with blossoms pink

And bulbs push up the soggy earth

Unless you conquer winter’s frost

With wind’s strong blasts

And skies that rend the heavy clouds


Welcome Spring

Renew our hearts with joy

To sing the ancient songs that well within

When sights of life and beauty overcome

Calling forth our voices

Our steps will lighten into the dance

Joining all creation as life renews itself again

This time each year


© 2016 Julie Clark

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Signs of Spring

I know it is officially here

I see the date on my calendar

I have been awakening to the song of birds outside my window with the first light

Blue Jays have begun a nest in my vines

Blossoms blooming finally

The weather has inched up 10 degrees, maybe

But the rain keeps coming here in the Northwest

A few extra sun breaks to keep our hopes up

I still wrap myself up in scarf and warm jacket when I go out

So I plastered a picture of last year’s tulips and bright blue wallpaper on my blog

To cheer me up and remind me

Spring comes every year

Hope is still alive

Even after the hardest, coldest darkest years

Winter will not always be

Frozen, bleak darkness

Will give way again

Slowly, slowly

To buds and blossoms

Songbirds and new life

Light will push back the darkness

Hope is renewed

© 2011 Julie Clark

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