Making Sense of Life


Making Sense of Life

Finding the patterns

Meaning and messages

Following the thread

That becomes the ribbon

Leading to the Path

Walking with You

In the cool of the evening

If I gathered all the pieces

There would not be enough

Baskets to hold them

It’s grace upon grace

Overflowing and abundant

Enough to satisfy my soul

And gladly share with another

© 2013 Julie Clark

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4 thoughts on “Making Sense of Life

  1. Your Lines are Great !! I cant wait for a Minute Before Completing it alLL.. iT IS LIKE A river that flows and Flows!!! How do u do this ??

  2. Thank you! This one I wrote as I sat down during the worship service in church with the music and singing going on. I have been thinking about some of the themes for awhile and they just kind of flowed from my mind to my pen! I always give it a day or two before I publish and work out some of the rough spots that don’t flow.

  3. Great yesterday during church and better the second time around.

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