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The Olympics

It happened again today

As I turned the corner

That pulling up from the deep

Kind of feeling

As the view opened

And there were the Olympics

In their cold, lofty solitude


Calling me to breathe deeper

To listen to the silence

To acknowledge the ancient wisdom

Flowing within and without

The present

Where heaven meets earth

Is all I have

I need to recognize it

And make my home there


© 2012 Julie Clark


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Stanley Park

Paths laid out in forests and along a hidden lagoon

Swans sail in the peaceful water

The view opens up to green windowed downtown

Confronted by a kind of city beauty

Sea wall closed to all but those who rules aren’t made for

Only to end at a lookout

Scramble up the hill and join the rule keepers

Naval barracks and tea houses speak of an earlier generation

Walking behind the aquarium

The gate swings open

The rule bender takes a side step inside

While the rule keeper stands guard outside

He comes back beckoning her to come see Beluga whales

She can’t resist the temptation and takes the risk

Glorious smiling mammals of white and grey with soft eyes

This small walkway is for all not just the ticket buyers

She would have missed it if she stood on principle

He would have missed it if he “cut his losses” and turned back to the forest path.

© 2010 Julie Clark

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