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Psalm reflections


“Your statutes have been like songs to me

Whenever I have lived as a stranger.” Psalm 119:14


I have been a stranger

  in the land

A foreigner in this place

  I am obtuse

To the language

  and culture

Yet one constant –

The song of your presence


I am no stranger

  to you

No foreigner

  in this land

Where heaven meets earth

  the song is born

Where you call me your own

  you lead me by the hand


“Show me the road that I must walk

For I lift my soul to you.” Psalm 143:8


The road divides before me

Shall I turn left or right?

I lift up my eyes,

My soul,

My prayer,

I put my trust in your

Unfailing love

I make my choice

And follow you.


© 2017 Julie Clark

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The Path of Peace

Guide my feet

In the path of peace

May I do my part

That war may cease


Teach me how

To listen well

To refrain from judgment

Sending others to hell


It’s not my place

It’s not my call

Judgment stirs up strife

It builds a wall


May I understand

What it is to be

In another’s place

Not obsessed with me


Lean into You

Sit at Your feet

See through Your eyes

Everyone I meet


Invite the stranger in

Share a meal

Enjoy diversity

Let kindness heal


Fear will die

I can lay it to rest

When I choose love

It is the very best


Love will do the job

It will get to work

Root out the darkness

Wherever it may lurk


© 2013 Julie Clark

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