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We are Unresolved

A discordant note

A work in progress

Something still missing

Wet clay on the wheel

Longing to be complete

This is the time

Between times

When all is given

Yet  not all received

On our way

Moving forward


Stopping means sinking

Sinking means drowning

Inertia is not our friend

Lord have mercy

Pull us up again


© 2013 Julie Clark

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Missing pieces

Missing pieces

To the puzzle of my life

Fall into place

Not all at once

Bur as I keep moving forward

Along the path

Laid out for me

Round the bend

The fog clears

Answers come.

The worse thing I can do

Is to stop moving

That is when

The fog gets thicker

The voices from the darkness

Grow louder

The vines begin to tangle my feet.

As I start to move again

Towards the light

Hope arises in my heart

Joy springs into a song

I laugh out loud

With each purposeful step

Here comes another piece

To the mystery of my life!

© 2012 Julie Clark

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