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From There to Here

There he is again

The little boy showing up

Holding his broken heart

Looking for that love

That never seems to be enough

There she is again

The little girl hiding behind

Her mother’s skirt

Not sure the world

Is a safe place after all

These wounds we carry

From there to here

From then to now

Haunt us from time to time

When they show up

Pay attention


The child within

Yes, there is enough

To go around

Yes, love will take us through

All the way

To the end

© 2022 December Julie Clark

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A Single Thread

What seems tentative to me

A single thin thread of hope

May be fortified with unbreakable titanium

It may be just enough

to hold through a lifetime

I only see through a glass dimly

There is so much more

beyond my vision

at work in this universe


© 2014 Julie Clark

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