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From There to Here

There he is again

The little boy showing up

Holding his broken heart

Looking for that love

That never seems to be enough

There she is again

The little girl hiding behind

Her mother’s skirt

Not sure the world

Is a safe place after all

These wounds we carry

From there to here

From then to now

Haunt us from time to time

When they show up

Pay attention


The child within

Yes, there is enough

To go around

Yes, love will take us through

All the way

To the end

© 2022 December Julie Clark

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Collecting Hope

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Every end of Winter 

Before Spring finally comes

I find myself needing to

Bolster myself with hope

To gather the fragments 

I can find

Into a basket

To turn over stones

Looking for something shiny and bright

To scan the trees for feather or flutter

To listen to stories

Of those who have come through

A dark winter, or time

Where help arrives

Just in time

Where a secret door is found

Out of the dark passage

Where an innocent prisoner is freed

When the trauma of the world

Weighs too greatly on my shoulders

This is when i need

To grab my basket

And start collecting hope

© 2023 Julie Clark

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