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Everything lost

Shall be found

Everything left behind

Catches up

There is a rhythm

There is a rhyme

A purpose

And a plan

A weaving and a spinning

Healing and redemption

When we see

As we are seen

And know

As we are known

When love reigns

In the air

On the earth

And in the sea

© 2012 Julie Clark

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Summer’s End

It was bound to come

Tourists are going home

Leaving the beaches and the board walks

School bells are ringing

Teachers are working hard again

Last minute shopping to get the son still left in college

Supplied with peanut butter and pencils

That crispness is in the evening air

Our sunny days are numbered

Time to buy the winter fuel

Started a knitting project two days ago

(Don’t tell anyone but, I am missing the rain)

Life and Time are moving forward

We are all ushered into their dance

No one gets to sit it out

All is changing

All is turning

© 2012 Julie Clark



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