Listening is a healing solace

Listening is a healing solace.

We talk about being God’s hands and feet

Can we also be his ears?

There are stories in need of telling,

Locked away for lack of listeners

Who will hear and not be judging.

It’s the first step to understanding.

With understanding grows compassion.

Listening is an act of peace.

If we listen to those who are different

We will get a new view

Of the world

Through their eyes.

When I listen to you

I stop hearing all my wants and needs

To give space to hear yours.

Peace can start

In the heart

Through the ears

When I listen to you

And you to me

And we both

Desire peace.

When understanding grows

Into compassion

I can give a little

And you too.

We can forgive

The wrong.

Start afresh

And be free

From the terror

Of hatred

And revenge.

© 2011 Julie Clark

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