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I am paying close attention

to the birdsong

this spring.

They stop me at the window

in the yard

on a walk or

on the way to the car.

“We have something to say to you!”

“Are you listening?”


As a small girl

I would lie down in the cool

shaded grass

looking up into the green leaves

deciphering the birdsong

code –

the chattering, whistling,

singing from one branch

to another:

“Come to tea!”

“Don’t forget to feed your babies!”


Now they are singing

sweet reminders:

“Slow down,

no need to rush.”

“Don’t take life

so seriously.”

“Enjoy this moment with us.”

“We have a secret

we want to sing to you.”


© 2014 Julie Clark


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Songs for Sohel

Come into the present

Come into this holy place

This is where I meet with you

This is where heaven meets earth


Today is the day

Step into life

Let’s get it started

Take your first breath


Step into life today

Step into freedom

Open your eyes and say

Think I’ll step into life today

This is a gift for you

The day the Lord has made

Soon you’ll be dancing

Cooing and singing

No turning back

Stepping into life today


This afternoon in the 102 degree F heat we were all sprawled out all over the apartment, worn out.  It is amazing how one tiny 8 pounder can wear out so many adults.  Didn’t Hilary Clinton write a book about how it takes a whole village to raise a child? We are getting that idea.


This bright evening star, Sohel, has captured our hearts with his sweetness. We spend hours anticipating his cute little expressions and moves. Those pursed lips and startled hand movements.  There is nothing in the world like a newborn baby.  He started out very sleepy, basically, “Can you just leave me alone it was hard work being born?”  Now that his Mama’s milk is in he is realizing there are some good things about being awake.


We are grateful that the doctor caught right away his distress in the womb and was able to safely deliver him via C-section.  Now his Mama is recovering well and we are happily here for a little while longer to help in these early days of his life.

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