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Paying Attention to Emotions



I am learning more about emotions these days. Learning to look back over my day or even a few days and identify my feelings and emotions. A much better practice then shoving them down or acting on them without thinking. Here’s an example from what I’ve been reading: Did I feel Anger? Sadness? Fear? Then connecting some dots to what brought on these feelings. This goes along with a contemplative prayer practice called The Prayer of Examen.


Here’s what was lurking in my subterranean depths the other day.


I was feeling anger at the injustice in our world.


I was feeling sadness that all our kids and their families live far away at this time.  


I was feeling some fear of becoming insignificant, losing my strength, memory and voice as I grow older. Am I accomplishing anything important these days?  Am I missing something?


Now that I have identified these feelings I can talk about them with loved ones and I can pray about them. Naming these emotions helps me work through the difficulties I may have faced that day. It also helps me sleep better!


I also see how important it is to help children with identifying their emotions and connecting them with what is going on in their lives.  Not an easy task but so important for a life long practice.


Several years ago I began learning  inner healing prayer practices. We learned to connect our current troubling emotions with memory of when we felt these before, until we hit on a spot in our pasts that flared up with these emotions.  With finding these we were then able to invite Jesus into the painful memories and find healing. In this healing of finding him with us in our painful memories we were then able to deal with the present situation that was stirring up old emotions of loss, fear, anger, sadness, or abandonment.


Now having worked through the negative emotions, I can move on to look for positive ones.

Did I feel loved today, seen, heard, or appreciated?  Did something make me laugh, or feel happy or peaceful?  Spending a few moments appreciating these emotions leads right into gratitude. Gratitude is a great way to end any day.


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Out with the old snow memories

It’s snowing this morning.

Need to get my boots on and inspect and experience this.

Have my emotions changed?

It’s beautiful looking out the window.

Will I feel trapped?  Afraid?

Those are old feelings from deep winters in another land.

Where getting around was on foot or sharing the icy roads with aggressive drivers who might have bought their licenses instead of passing any kind of driving test.

Those feelings could be from the winters where the wood ran out or the city gas ran low.

Or from the winter the young SUV driver driving too fast slid into my old, trusty RAV4.

It could be from even farther back in China when the central heat came on after it had snowed, and was turned off before winter was quite finished.  Or from waiting for buses on icy cold nights only to find when the bus came it was so packed that we couldn’t get on and had to wait for another.

There was that one winter here in Seattle where we left town just as the storm was moving in.  It chased us all the way down to southern Oregon where we were over taken by a blanket of whiteness.  We were able pull off the freeway and find a motel for the night.  Next morning we drove slowly to the pass, chained up and got over the mountain.

Then there was that other time driving up to the mountains for a ski weekend.  On an icy patch on the pass the car in front of us had stopped in the left lane on a blind curve!  We slid nicely into their open passenger door, crumpling it like a paper fan.  On the way down, two days later our van slipped down the road and did a nice 180 degree turn.  That convinced Bill that we really did need to put those chains on after all.

Silly feelings, really.

The kids always loved the snow.   Adventure and play options increased tenfold.

I only crashed the car once, only slipped and fell once a year.

Nobody died, no broken bones, just a few bruises is all.

Surely, not enough to cause this deep dread inside.

Funny, how emotions attach themselves to memories.

The feelings at the time come up again when the present reminds us of the past.

Truth is not always a component to this.

It’s time to open up those inner windows and let the light and peace of Christ rule and reign.

I love his words. They go something like this:  “Don’t be afraid.  You can have peace. Yes, you will have troubles and trials in this world, but I have overcome this world.  Stick with me.”

Time to brave the winter and make some new memories.

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