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Found A Red Ribbon


Found a red ribbon today

While sweeping under the rug

Because my vacuum is in the shop

Due to too many dry pine needles

Because we only had fifteen minutes

To pick out a Christmas Tree

Before Home Depot closed

And we managed to get a very dry old tree.


The red ribbon reminds me

Of my search for the Path

That brings meaning into my life

And I for one can’t live without it

Because without meaning I have no hope

And I am not giving that up for sure.


As I write this

I am recovering from a bonk on the head

That I am calling

“My ski accident”

Even though I was only in my skis for less than 30 seconds

Before the playing pup buckled me on the back of my knees

And down I went hard.


I am wondering if anyone can relate

To any of this

Or am I as loony as feel?


© 2013 Julie Clark



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