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To Boston With Love

Yesterday, in-between watching CNN, I sat down and wrote a blog on building Parent/Child Connections: This was one of my responses to the unfolding drama in Boston.  I know it is just one piece, the parenting piece, in the complex array of broken pieces in this tragic story.


Why did this happen?  There is the emigrant story, the broken piece where the emigrant does not assimilate to the American culture and life. To understand this more Mary Pipher does an excellent job in her book: The Middle of Everywhere: Helping Refugees Enter the American Community


Then there is the broken piece of radical religion.  How does loving God mean doing something like this?  It does not. God is love and this is not love.


Perhaps another cultural broken piece is family loyalty trumping everything. An older brother influences a younger brother to join him in an atrocious act.  We could find and name so many broken pieces.


It is important to work through these questions on the road to recovery. Along with this, in order to heal we need to choose our response.  There is a lot of hard work ahead to do in order to heal.  Will we become haters?  If we choose that route we align ourselves with the same spirit that motivated the terrorists and they win. We become like them. Anger is a normal response to grief, but we can’t stay angry and let it poison our souls.  We must move beyond it to the hard work of grieving, sadness, and the seemingly impossible process of forgiving. Hate, revenge, and bitterness are not the answers we need for healing.  They never are.  They will only destroy us and turn our hearts to stone.


Dear Boston choose the harder path of healing and recovery and you will find yourself surrounded by heaven ready to help.  Our prayers are with you.

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Love Challenged

 There are some days when love is challenged.  Today is one of those days for many after the Boston Marathon Bombing. For some, every day love is challenged.  It depends on where you live or where you happen to be when a bomb goes off or a shooter shoots.  A personal tragedy or trauma can challenge love.

“In this world you will have trouble.” It’s a guarantee.  There is no “bed of roses” promised.  What is promised is His presence.  Emanuel: God is with us.

Anyone who has seen love chosen, love in action, knows it changes things.  The ripple effects of love grow wider and wider.  The “pay it forward” factor comes into play and not only one person is loved but many as the ripples continue on.  Love is powerful that way. But, there are days and times for us all when love is challenged. It is much easier to give in to fear, hate, revenge or hopelessness. We wonder if our world is a lost cause, or if our acts of kindness will make any difference? This is when we need to take some deep breaths and pray. Then get out there and do something good.  It might be to give blood, to pray for those hurting, to release anger and fear, to forgive someone, or to just step out your front door and see what good you can do today.


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