Falling into this world

I lost my union with the Holy One

Naked and alone

Insecure and afraid

If only I could shed this fear and anxiety

like the snake its skin or the trees their leaves in the fall

If only I could slough off the what ifs and worse case scenarios

forming in my thoughts as I scan the perimeters of my life and those I care for

The One called Love came to me first in a thought and then a dream

When  I called his name the fear vanished and I was not alone

This One kept calling and calling and continues this day

restoring the union that was lost

Whenever the fear stalks in the night or confronts me in the day

if I but rest in the arms of this Love

I know I am clothed, safe and secure

Never alone, never abandoned

The circle complete again


(c) 2014 Julie Clark

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One thought on “Separation

  1. Yesterday we were running late and hadn’t eaten lunch when we left school to do errands. I didn’t even have time to run into PCC to get a decent lunch. We pulled into Taco Bell because it was going to be fast and cheap.

    I ordered and pulled up to the second window to pay the young man, asking Solomon to check in my bag, but he can’t find my purse. I looked around and didn’t see it either. I called to the guy to cancel my order because I couldn’t find my purse but got out and went to the back of the van to triple check
    . . . it’s really not there.

    When I came back to the front of the van, a woman with dark hair comes up to the window.
    “Would you like your food anyways?” she says to me.
    A bit shocked, “Well . . . sure, thank you!” I reply.

    The young man hands me the food, and adds two small bags of dog biscuits.
    “My manager is covering your food,” he says, as I pulled away.

    I couldn’t help but think that Someone was watching over us . . . and covering our food.

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