This time of year

I am grateful for the evergreens

When their fickle deciduous neighbors are

Shedding their colors right and left

Clogging up the drains

All bare bones and branches now

The evergreens at least

Are holding out

Not making any

Hasty decisions

Except the ever always decision

To hang onto what they have

As long as they can

And keep reaching

Towards the sky

© 2013 Julie Clark

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4 thoughts on “Evergreens

  1. We had a BLAZE of an autumn season ~ I’d forgotten how gorgeous it was! Miss you two! Mary & Solomon & Ruby

  2. You made me think: Evergreens lose their old needles too, but are constantly being renewed by the new growth, so we don’t see the bare limbs. “…the inner man is being renewed every day.”

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