For Labor Day

Laboring in Omaha


Chilin’ at a closed

Blue Line Café

Music gets louder

As the closer guy


He’s tired

Must have been here

For hours

Made me the wrong drink

On the house


Hot out

Too hot to go home

To a top floor apartment

With workers

Sanding and painting

Outside the windows


At lunch our friend

Served us cheerfully

Standing on her feet all day

With a two month old baby

Cared for by her mother


All the construction workers

Right out in the hot sun

Fixing the roads

Trying to beat the harsh winter

Always waiting in the curtains

To tear up more road

For next summer’s workers


All these working

By the sweat of their brow

Some making more

Then others

All working for bosses

Who are making more

Then they are

I imagine to the hum

Of the window sander


© 2013 Julie Clark




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2 thoughts on “For Labor Day

  1. A phenomenal observation of those invisible (usually unacknowledged and underappreciated) people in our lives that our lives would be considerably more difficult without!

  2. Yes! Let’s acknowledge and appreciate them.

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