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Take Two Omaha

The Birch The Path to the Garden The Door Path obstructed by flowers Roses enough for everyone Rose

The Garden Path


The Garden Path

Was obstructed

First by orange plastic fences

And bulldozers


Next year you’ll see

The Sun Flowers


Then the secret door

Was locked

Don’t give up

Look for another way

It was there

Opening to

Fountain and flowers


This time the path

Blocked by yellow flowers

Push them aside

Let the air fill with

Their fragrance


How do we know

What to do

When our way is blocked?

We walk with the


Waiting to be asked


© 2013 Julie Clark



In the Joslyn


Maurice Utrillo’s

Road to Puteaux

Makes me homesick

For Paris

I was there long ago

I never saw that street


The lone, wind lashed

Poplar of

Monet’s Village Street

Beckons me to remember

The Poplar lined streets

Of Central Asia


© 2013 Julie Clark


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