Morning Psalm

Arise O God

Come into your resting place –


Holy Spirit come fill –


Some mornings –this morning


A bicycle tire leaking through the night



A sheet of paper

With a few undecipherable pencil scribbles fading away



Life of God

Love of God

Fill my spaces

Contemplation, meditation


You don’t sleep

You never leave

Your presence not dependent

On my feelings

But on your faithfulness

I’m waiting

Your waiting

Heaven touch earth again

As I pray

“Your kingdom come

Your will be done

One earth as it is in heaven”


© 2013 Julie Clark

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4 thoughts on “Morning Psalm

  1. Sarah Vidmar

    I love how real and honest you are with God and yourself, yet still hopeful. 🙂

  2. Such peace
    In the midst of all the chaos
    Thank you for the inspiration

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