Hide and Seek

We weave through the streets of New York.

Excited as little children.

All is new.

It reminds me of a large Asian City, bustling, and noisy,  with buildings scraping the sky.

The signs are mostly in English and I don’t feel lost with my trusty map.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island speak of how our nation expanded and grew.

Deep etches of suffering and fear show through the photographed faces of Emigrants lining the hall.

Wandering towards Ground Zero.

We are distracted by the beauty of  a Cathedral.

We nose around the quiet space, the holy space.

There is a prayer service in 15 minutes.

But we move on towards the gate we came in.

The gate has been locked since we entered.

We go back into the church and join the prayer service.

There are three of us and the Priest.

We say the comforting-familiar Vesper prayers together.

Psalm 67 Bill’s favorite Psalm is read.

In my spirit I see my Father peeking out, saying:

“I am here! I see you!”

The Priest then reads from Timothy:

“Be ready in season and out of season,

Preach the gospel.”

Be the gospel.

Be the church.

Two or three gathered in His name.

He is with us.

Next the Priest takes us on a tour of Wall Street.

He leaves us at a pub, while he returns to his wife and new baby.

We drink our delicious Guinness.

Later we walk to Chinatown for very tasty dinner.

Pure joy dances in our hearts as we receive the Father’s love.

© 2010 Julie Clark

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