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There Are Wings

There are wings

That make us light

As their feathers

Lifting us upward

Like a ballerina’s


Only we can keep going

And dance and fly

And dip and soar

All with our feet

Off the ground


There are sacred words

That can do the same

Lift our souls up

And through

Dark barriers


Pulling us forward

To hope

And forgotten dreams

When all seems lost

© 2011 Julie Clark

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Devil’s Churn Oregon Coast

Don’t I have some of those places in me?

All churned up

Weak and weary spots

Chinks in my armor

Where worry and fear

Anger and pride

Stand guard

The water

Constantly battering those places

Wearing away the defenses

Caving in the walls

Churning up the deadly waters

It is a spectacular sight, really

A beauty to behold

The power of the water is astonishing

Maybe the water is not the enemy

Maybe it is the artist’s paint brush

Turning ashes into beauty

Suffering can do that

Building our character

Making us stronger

Would that my caved in walls

Hold more living water

And be a beauty to behold

A masterpiece

Where the artist’s

Passion is displayed

© 2011 Julie Clark

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